Impressions on the 11th ICBE Conference | Jean van de Peut

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Impressions on the 11th ICBE Conference

11th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Conference

May 18-20, 2023

Jean van de Peut (MABIKAs Foundation-The Netherlands)

During the final day of the 11th ICBE celebration, it was so impressive to see all the participants and the workshops of different ways of Igorots dance and culture. It is great to see and learn from each other.

The preparations of the decorations and the programs – Salute to MABIKAs! And salute also to the catering!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ICBE and MABIKAs for letting Stichtingbocarile Gezondheidscentrum: sell some of Philippine native products for their fundraising.

Thank you for the support. Jean

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