Impressions on the 11th ICBE Conference | Sr. Josephine Corpuz

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Impressions on the 11th ICBE Conference

11th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Conference

May 18-20, 2023

Sr. Josephine Corpuz (Sisters of Charity) 

[MABIKAs Foundation-The Netherlands]

My remark or evaluation so far is that I enjoyed being together with fellow Filipinos (Igorots) to have conversations and dance with them. I hope the next gathering will still continue with the workshop-introducing and demonstrating the different  tribal songs and dances. The new generation or youth could learn more about cultural history to deepen their concept of our roots and to recall where our ancestors originated.

It's good to have gatherings like these so we could meet and bond with one another. By doing this, we can also inspire others in the Philippines to be proud as Igorots, like us. We live miles away but we give the due importance or value to our culture. We come together despite the time zone geographical distance to attend these gatherings.

Actually I enjoyed the whole day till the presentation of the different tribal songs and dances. Like anyone else, I am sure they also felt that the songs and especially the dances should have been given more time for the participants to enjoy as the cultural night was very good as everyone actively participated.

May God bless us all and see you all next time. With prayers of love and care,

Sr. Josephine Corpuz

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