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10th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

July 26-29, 2019


(10th ICBE Consultation) 

To MABIKAs Foundation-The Netherlands (MABIKAs), headed by Myra Zymelka-Colis, for hosting the 10th ICBE Consultation held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on July 26-29, 2019. 

To the Board and constituents of MABIKAs for accepting the challenge in hosting the event.  

To the Board and Constituents of MABIKAs for their help in the preparation and participation in the event. 

To Myra Zymelka-Colis for designing the flyer that was distributed during the Philippine Independence Day celebration at Spaarnwoude (Haarlem) and at The Hague.  

To Chico B. Taguba for photocopying the above-mentioned flyer and other materials for the preparatory meetings. 

To Ric Cuyob who took charge of the programme for participants 18 years old and below.  

To members of the different committees. We treasure the time you have given and effort you have done.   

To Yvonne Belen who gave the keynote address.  


To Christina T. Moncado for her speech on “Abra: Land, People and Culture” and for her research on Abra’s history, land, people and culture. 

To Doris B. Wilson for the abstract of her Masters Thesis.

To the second- and third-generation Igorot Cordillerans in Europe for their participation in the consultation.  

To members of Igorot/BIBAK/Cordillera organizations in Europe, who attended the Igorot Cordillera-European Cultural Night and showcased their performances.

To the gentlemen who provided the rhythm of the gongs. 

To Myra Zymelka-Colis for designing the Igorot Cordillera-European Cultural Night Programme. 

To Sofia Lonogan and Bender Batan for the consultation’s  photo documentation. 

To Christina T. Moncado and Sofia Lonogan who donated ballpens.

To Consie Lozano for the video on “ICBE Through the Years” and the powerpoint presentation of the keynote address.  

To Michael Bengwayan, Jr, for designing the 10th ICBE Consultation streamer.

To Genevive Belen-Antonio who had the 10th ICBE consultation streamer be made in Baguio City.

To Romelita Heitlager-Gumatic and Michiel Heitlager for sponsoring the 10th ICBE Consultation streamer.

To Michiel Heitlager for bringing the streamer from Baguio City to the Netherlands.  

To Myra Zymelka-Colis for the production of the raffle tickets, especially its design and printing.  

To participants from the European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Your presence and participation made the consultation a success.  

To the lone participant from the Philippines who travelled miles to grace our event. Thank you for celebrating with us. 

To guests who attended our sessions on Saturday, July 27th, including the Cultural Night. Your presence added another dimension to our event.   

To Michiel Heitlager for lending his van, which was used to bring over materials for the Consultation to the venue. 

To Chico B. Taguba for driving the van.

To MABIKAs Board and Constituents, who took charge of the food preparation and cleaned the kitchen during the consultation.

To Cleta Evangelista, Sofia Lonogan and Luniza Taoil for the food they donated.       

To those we failed to mention and who, in one way or another, contributed in making this consultation a success, we are most grateful.   

Thank you and we look forward to seeing one and all during the 11th ICBE Consultation in Madrid, Spain in 2021. 

Matago-tago tako am-in! (Long may we live!) 


By the 10th ICBE Consultation Preparatory Committee

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