PROGRAMME for Second-and Third-generation under 18 years old

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10th  Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Consultation 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
July 26-29, 2019

PROGRAMME  for Second-and Third-generation under 18 years old 

In-charge: Ric Cuyob (Cordillera Community in Belgium)

July 26th  

Evening = Join the general opening programme

  • Then they proceed to their separate activity. “Getting to know you” and viewing the video 17 years of ICBE. But to be discussed because if the video will be shown in the general opening program where the 2nd generation joins in, then it will be replaced with other activity. 

  • End of activity +/-21h30

July 27th 

Morning Activity = Input/workshop 

  • Familiarizing/introducing them about the Cordillera being their ancestral root. 

  • Method: Showing the map of the Cordillera with the different provinces. = Map reading. Powerpoint presentation

  • Brief input: Igorot = Collective name. Then introduce the different tribes or ethnolinguistic groups and identify their location on the map.

Afternoon activity = Cultural workshop 

-gong playing, dancing, how to wear the G-string/the tapis

-prepare their presentations for the cultural night.


July 28th 

Morning: They will join the Cultural and Historical Tour.

Afternoon: They join their parents for their tour of Amsterdam.  


July 29th 


 1st   activity - Evaluation 

 2nd  activity - They will join the general closing programme. 

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