Recognizing and Honoring Our Igorot/Cordillera Achievers and Changemakers

Written by Cesar T. Taguba on .

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10th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

July 26-29, 2019

Recognizing and Honoring Our Igorot/Cordillera Achievers and Changemakers

Presented by Cesar T. Taguba

All of us, Cordillerans abroad, Europe in particular are not only survivors but above all achievers and changemakers. Amidst all the difficulties and uncertainties of working and residing abroad, we have achieved our goal of relative economic stability, providing financial assistance to our families back home and for some, building up our families in Europe. Our remittances help keep the Philippine economy afloat, increase consumption of goods and commodities and provide stable dollar reserve. Through our organizations, we helped promote a more positive attitude towards Indigenous Peoples (IPs) among the wider Filipino community and the host people. In our Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) assemblies we sing our Cordillera Hymn, Philippine National Anthem and the national anthem of the country which is hosting our ICBE assembly, indicating levels of identity, achievement, outlook and aspirations, all these making us channels and instruments of change.

There are Igorots/Cordillerans working and residing in Europe who brought honor and recognition to themselves and their families, respect for our people and culture, service to the wider Filipino migrant community and  fostering solidarity relations with the people of Europe. It is always right and proper to honor (dayawen) those who made such contributions. Thus a special feature of the 11th ICBE Consultation in Madrid, Spain is the honoring and recognition of Igorot/Cordillera ACHIEVERS and CHANGEMAKERS.

I. Objectives

  1. To give recognition to our achievers and changemakers.

  2. To serve as inspiration for others and the upcoming generation.

  3. To affirm our Indigenous People dignity and identity and contribution to the betterment of society where we work and reside and land of birth.

  4. To affirm our heritage of celebrating and promoting what is good and sharing such to others.

II. The list of Achievers and Changemakers are individuals and organizations. It covers:

  1.  Entrepreneurs 

Those who through their honest labor put up business enterprises in Europe or the Philippines or are in a position of leadership in such enterprises (Name of the enterprise, chair/president, location, when established).

  1.  Humanitarian and Development work

Those who set up foundations and organizations to provide humanitarian, socio-economic assistance to the needy and disadvantaged, or are in a position of leadership in the foundation, NGO (Name, position; name of NGO, services it

provides, when founded and location); those who organized campaigns for victims of natural or manmade  disasters.

  1.  Work Award/Recognition

Those who received promotion, award(s) and recognition for their outstanding work performance and those retired with citation. (Name, title of award/recognition, name of awarding organization and location, date and place of issuance).

  1.  Athletic, Sports and Skills – Those who received award and recognition (Name, nature of award/recognition, issued by, date, location).

  2.  Leadership and Promoting Unity- Those who hosted the 1 st -10 th ICBE and IGO conferences in Europe and rendered special assistance to sustain the ICBE (Names of members of Host Committee, Date, Location) and those who consistently attended ICBE consultations; provider of special assistance ,e,g ICBE webpage, etc).

  1.  Literary and Information/Education work - Those who wrote and published books, articles, academic researches featuring Cordillera land, people and culture; speakers in ICBE

consultations (Name, title of publication, date of publication;; speakers - title of speech, date of delivery, location).

  1.  Academic Award

Those those who finished academic degree, received academic awards, achieved higher level of academic life and work; those who finished special courses (Name, course finished, academic awards).

  1.  Art and Culture Award

Those who organized cultural/art events which received recognition/commendation  from local/national art and culture organizations; those who taught Cordillera dances and playing of instruments.   

  1.  Intercultural, Integration, Service Award

Those who fostered relations with other IP groups, cultural organizations, migrant/refugee service and political organizations of the host people.

  1. Special award to Europe organizations and institutions, individuals supportive of the dreams and aspirations of IPs in the Philippines and IPs in general. (IWGIA, etc.)

III. Scope:. The awards/recognition is on the local, national and Europe levels

IV. The recognition/award will be those who attended  2002 (ACPE) - 2019 (ICBE)

V. Nomination Process

  1.  Organizations that attended the previous ICBEs and the 10th will do the nomination from among its members and non-members who deserves recognition.

  2.  All nominations will be received and validated by the 11th ICBE Consultation Preparatory Committee.

VI. Deadline of Submission of nominations 

VII. Recognition Event will be a special part of the 11 th ICBE. The list will be announced and awardees come to the stage to receive tokens/symbols of appreciation which can be a certificate, flower, etc. 

Preparatory Committee to determine the form. The Philippine Cultural Attache and IP advocates in the host country can be invited to give the award.



In a letter from Myra Colis on July 23, 2019 to Cesar Taguba, she said that this matter on recognition and awards was discussed earlier by MABIKAs. In their discussion, it was decided that it will be one of MABIKAs’s initiatives. (Eds.) 

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