Opening Programme: 10th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation

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10th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

July 26-29, 2019

Opening Programme 

Moderated by Averil Pooten-Watan 

Day one, Friday 26th July between 2pm and 5pm, saw the arrival and registration of delegates who were received by MABIKAs Foundation-The Netherlands (MABIKAs) namely: Renijune Abaya, Tessie Gayao, Romelita Heitlager-Gumatic and Christina Moncado. 

A sumptuous buffet dinner was served by MABIKAs at 6pm.

The Opening Programme began at 6:30pm. It began with the opening ritual, which included gong playing, conducted by Archibald Nabus of Benguet Organization UK together with Cesar T Taguba of MABIKAs. Cesar informed he had taken part of the liturgy from the 5th ICBE Consultation in Germany. The opening included a mention of WHO are we? The Igorots of Cordillera and WHY are we here? To celebrate our life in Europe; to forge unity and continually enrich each other. 

Welcome Remarks were given by Myra Zymelka-Colis, MABIKAs founding chairperson. She mentioned how happy she was to “meet our FaceBook friends!” She spoke on behalf of MABIKAs to give a brief history of the foundation, when and how it was formed. She also mentioned the launch of the ICBE Souvenir Book. 

Yvonne Belen, ICBE Preparatory Committee and MABIKAs turned to the page 185 of the ICBE Souvenir Programme, prepared by Myra, to call attention to Remembering ICBE delegates who have passed away. 

Grace Nabus of Benguet Org UK remembered the contribution and legacy of the ICBE delegates who have passed away, which included: Rex Botengan, Sr., Claire Alacyang, Henry Pit-og, Marilyn Dulnuan-Guinaran, Alejandro Cutig, Julian Banban, Angie Wunderle, Caridad B.  Fiar-od and Susan Belmonte. 

Just prior to the Turnover of Responsibility of Hosting the Conference proceedings, the group acknowledged the presence of the following ICBE founders: Conchita Pooten, Yvonne Belen, Cesar Taguba, Jane Klee-Morgens, Susan Kilakil, Cristobal Agnaonao, and Ric, Alice and Marivonne Cuyob. It was commented that each founder had participated and attended in each of the 10 ICBE consultations!

The Turnover ceremony between Cordillerans in Rome to MABIKAs included Myra asking the MABIKAs Board and constituents to accept the ICBE banner, which they gracefully received.

Yvonne introduced the video, ‘Celebrating 17 years of ICBE’s Existence’ prepared by Consie Lozano. Following the video, Conchita Pooten of Igorot UK and Marivonne P Cuyob of Cordi-Bel gave their reactions. 

The ICBE Souvenir Book was officially launched by Yvonne and Myra. Myra mentioned it was “not difficult, but inspiring to be a party of the ICBE journey… being a part of the layout committee you get to read everything! It was very inspiring.

There was a message from IGO President Gloria Bawaan-Simon, which was read out by Ingerith Pooten-Masferre. Yvonne gave a short briefing on the program announcements and house rules were completed by Renijune Abaya, MABIKAs Board Treasurer.

The final part of the session included an introduction of participants, per country/organisation, with photo taking.

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