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9th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation
Rome, Italy
April 28 – May 1, 2017 


By Marilyn Aro

            The 9th ICBE is my third ICBE consultation experience in my Igorot life here in Europe. I attended the whole session of the 7th ICBE consultation in Barcelona, Cultural night of the 8th ICBE in Austria and then partially of the 9th ICBE in Rome. Surely, every Igorot gathering far away from our native land is so delightful but ICBE consultations make a difference. Once again, it was proven this year as it was hosted by the Cordillerans in Rome.

            Though I missed the first and last part of the event, I’m sure of one thing- through the amazing faces of pictures in Facebook, attendees from different parts of Europe enjoyed the day and night beauty of Rome. Yes, the city of Rome has his own original fascino - the Italian pasta and pizza. I hope everyone tried (just like in Barcelona, who hasn’t eaten their delicacy of paella?)

            The event was organized well as programmed except for delays due to unavoidable hindrances. It was understandable holding an event in a big city with different venues. The venue during the Day 2 event where I was able attend was good enough for the flow of the activities to go on smoothly. Program and activities of the day including the cultural night were concentrated inside while food for lunch and dinner was served outside by a catering committee. Our speaker,  Mr. Cesar Taguba, was so fluent in delivering the theme “Appreciating Benguet: Land, People and Culture. So with Mr. Gil Catimo of Barcelona on Benguet culture, dances and rituals. Now I can perfectly do my “OWAG”! The panel and group discussions, open forum and plenary session were so enthusiastic as shown by the participation of everyone.

            Like they say “every football game has its own story,”  likewise the 9th ICBE consultation in Rome. The 9th ICBE in Rome made a victorious story but unlike a football game, where one wins and the others lose, during the event every Cordilleran heart won the success!!

Congratulations once again to the organizers, facilitators, and host - Cordillerans in Rome for  your patience, time and effort!

See you again in our upcoming 10th ICBE consultation in the Netherlands!

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