Igorot Cordillera-European Cultural Night

Written by Jane Klee Morgens on .

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9th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation
Rome, Italy
April 28 – May 1, 2017 


Igorot Cordillera-European Cultural Night

By Jane Klee Morgens

The Igorot Cordillera-European Cultural Programme is an important and indispensable part of every ICBE Consultation and is usually conducted in the evening. This time, it is held on Sunday evening, April 30, 2017 at Moon River Campo Sportivo, via Angelo Batelli in Rome, an ideal place for playing the gongs.

The emcees of the programme are Mark Watan & Cecile D. Lorena. There are five parts of the programme. Below are the first three parts: I, II & III.

17:30 hours     Part I: Registration & Dinner

• Registration c/o Cordillerans in Rome. The newcomers, mostly Cordillerans in Italy, have to

register at the entrance table of the hall.

• Just before dinner, a prayer is said by Pastora Ester Pelingen.

18:30 hours     Dinner time.

Delicious European-Filipino Foods with Italian dessert was served. The participants used the good and sunny weather and eat outside.

19:30 hours     Part II: Group Picture-Taking for All & by Countries

20:00 hours     Part III. Opening Programme & Turn-over of Responsibility: The ICBE Way


• Adivay presented by Gil Tiban Catimo (BIBAK Barcelona)

• Philippine National Anthem led by Rosmar G. Smith (Cordillerans in Rome)

• National Anthem of Italy by members of Cordillera organizations in Italy led by Jolina Pisec (Cordillerans in Rome)

• Presentation of ICBE conference Delegates & Guests by Conchita B. Pooten, (Igorot UK)

• Welcome Address by Mr. Crispin S. Cornel (Adviser, Cordillerans in Rome)

• Cordillera Hymn led by Precious Viloria (Cordillerans in Rome)

• About ICBE presented by Ricardo Cuyob (Cordillera Community in Belgium)

• Turn-over of Responsibility from the 9th ICBE Consultation to the 10th ICBE Consultation

through host representatives: Rosmar G. Smith (Cordillerans in Rome) & Yvonne Belen &

Company. (MABIKAs Foundation - The Netherlands)

• Introduction of speaker read by yours truly (Germany)

• Speech of Ms. Marie Venus Q. Tan Regional Director Department of Tourism, Cordillera Administrative Region Philippines. Unfortunately, Ms. Marie Venus Q. Tan is unable to attend so she sent her speech, “Tourism and Sustainable Development.” Her speech was read by Ms. Doris Wilson of University of the Philippines Baguio (UP Baguio)

• Acknowledgments were delivered by Yvonne Belen (MABIKAs Foundation – The Netherlands). She ensured to have this said by including it in Part III.  Originally, Acknowledgments belong to the last part

(end) of the programme.

• Closing Remarks Grace Banto (Chairperson, Cordillerans in Rome)

During and in-between the performances of these first three parts, everyone seems to be happy meeting old friends and making new acquaintances, and everyone enjoys sharing with others their personal life stories while eating special snacks and tasting Italian wine. The presentation of Adivay greatly contributed to the enrichment of knowledge of the attendees regarding Cordillera culture of Benguet, particularly the Ibalois. As part III came to an end, the excitement increased to welcome the last parts: IV and V of the programme.

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