Turn-Over Ritual

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by Rhino Oblas

Ember or Fire in some rituals symbolizes life and strength of the various elements of nature, which has to be acknowledged (Olympic torch of the Igorot). And it is a sign that an occasion is going on.

Fire – as first produced by Kabunyan. Have you seen the movie, “In the Beginning there was Fire”?

Rice Wine is a spirit-inspired drink, its aroma can be inviting to the Spirit when the Mambunong says a prayer.

Rice wine is taken in, sip by sip, which symbolizes friends who kindle and/or rekindle friendship (to excite interest or feelings, to become aroused or excited).

The Ritual – BOGAW!!!

Materials needed: Torch of “palay” – bundled burning rice stalks, chicken (rooster) and a kawil (cup) or bowl of rice wine with its rice contents.

Procedure: An individual or especially, Mambunong, holds the chicken with both hands. He leads the chicken towards a kawil filled with rice wine, and if the rooster picks a fermented rice grain, then the person or Mambunong faces the east, holds the chicken high and shouts:

“HEAR!!!!! Bugan, who lives where the sun rises. Extend your beard on this earth for the spirits of all ICBE celebrants to hang on, in coming to London. Come, be here in London to participate in this 6th ICBE Consultation.

OOOY! Dakayo Amin ay makin-ammos nan ICBE, yan Umali Kayo isnan London. Tan nawada tako abes nan 6th ICBE Consultation, 2011.

Igorots, dakayos san ili ed Belguim, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Amelika, Canada ed ili tako ay Pilipinas, yan-shah, Man-asi ayag Kayo.

Ilan yo et  ta, idating yo di gasat, salon-at, talna, urnos, gaget, anos ya laing, ta waday iyat tako ay matago-tago et tan wada di kanan da ay “successful” amin sinan umali ay ICBE Conference. Adi pan-man, no wada abe di pan a-abatan amin ay si-sibiyag ay Igorots sinan Kaluta-an.”

Ay ay Salidumay, Salidumay Diwas...


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