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The Cordillera Community in Belgium (Cordi-Bel) congratulates not only the Igorot-UK for hosting the 6th ICBE consultation, but also the participants who surpassed all hindrances and difficulties in order to attend the gathering. The consultation’s very remarkable output shall be credited to all.

Looking back 10 years ago when a gathering of Igorots on the European level was being conceived, it was never expected it will go this far. There was only the persevering wish to get together as Igorots/Cordillerans in Europe. It indeed materialized that touched the deep longing Igorot identity waiting to be rekindled. Now, look what it is. There is the stronger yearning for more ICBE consultations of which the demand is coming from the ranks of the second generation.

While it is true that ICBE consultations may satisfy such longing, it is also important to refer to the starting point where every one of us is encouraged to form our own local groups in the country we are in. In our local groups, we could share or discuss issues or concerns directly affecting us and there we can express our Igorotness without reservation. In the United Kingdom where seemingly there are more Igorots than in other countries of the European continent, the different groupings, according to their town or provincial origin, could be a sort of model for others. A model in the sense, if and only if, it does not end there but goes further to form a sort of confederation to represent the Igorots/Cordillerans as a whole.

In this opportunity, Cordi-Bel conveys its wishes to see more second-generation Igoys in the next ICBE consultation. At the start, there were only children and adolescents. At this time, those who were once children are now adolescents and those adolescents are now young adults or already a family man. Hopefully, the second generation, who had once attended the ICBE consultation, will be able to make it to the next gathering. Certainly, they will be able to discuss more sensible issues or concerns and bring their valuable contribution to ICBE.

Cordillera Community in Belgium


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