Impressions by Susan Kilakil

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First of all, I would like to thank all of the Igorot-UK and those who were present during this ICBE 6. Thanks too to Farukh who came to meet us at the train station. It was good there were still people whom we knew who didn't go for vacation to the Philippines. We were able to meet with persons whom we haven't seen for more than 30 years.

We enjoyed and learned a lot during this ICBE 6. It was very nice even if most of the usual delegates from other European countries and the other countries were unable to attend (We missed you all). The presence of the Ifugao delegates headed by Dr. Serafin Ngohayon was very interesting to me. During the cultural workshop they were able to teach the steps of the Ifugao dances to those who attended their group. I am very happy since one of them is my son. Thanks to their teachers.

We don't just dance, sing and laugh during ICBE conferences. It’s there where you mingle with high ranking officials as if we belong to a one big family. We also learn to speak in front of people. It is really educational. So, come one, come all to the next ICBE 7 in 2013. 

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