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Being part of the 6th ICBE Conference here in London made me a wiser man as it brought me greater understanding of being an Igorot. I now realise that mingling, chatting, and dancing with fellow Igorots from Europe and back home is important not only for our own self-satisfaction, but also to the unity of the Igorots as a whole. It has broadened my understanding of being a Cordilleran or an Igorot. I guess it made everyone who attended feel the need to live our good Igorot values and leave these to those who will follow.

The presentation of Dr. Caridad Fiar-od, the speeches of the delegates, especially Dr. Serafin Ngohayon, the committed leadership of Dr. Yvonne Belen and the unselfishness of Mrs. Conchita Pooten and other Igorot-UK officers and members all contributed to the success of the event. Some who didn’t attend now regret for missing out.

The excursion to the Stonehenge, Roman Baths was enjoyable. We even passed by what seems to be a crop circle along the motorway. I hope it would be included in the souvenir program.

I believe the speech of Dr. Serafin Ngohayon will help open up the gates to unity among the different tribes of Igorotlandia here in the United Kingdom and elsewhere and the presentation by the different groups sealed the unity and contentment everyone felt during the conference.

I am now looking forward to the next ICBE in Barcelona. See you all there…


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