Impressions by Juliet C. Daniels

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Eight months ago, when Dr. Serafin Ngohayon announced that the ICBE will hold their 6th international conference in London, I immediately notified him of my interest in joining the group. “It’s an opportunity. Whether we will be able to solicit for our fare or not, I want to join the group”, I told myself.

What a very nice place London is. . . . .Very hospitable people…….. The Cordillerans, in particular, brought their hospitality culture and attitudes to London.

The ICBE Conference was indeed well planned and well implemented. The conference widened my horizon on Cordillera culture. The speech of Dr. Serafin Ngohayon on “Living Our Igorot Values” is interesting and pricking to the heart and mind. It, I believe, awakened my fellow Ifugaos and mentors from other provinces of the Cordillera who heard the speech and made them realize that they are “Igorots”.

As for me, I never argued on the fact that I am an Igorot.

Further, may I take this opportunity to thank every Igorot in London especially Mam Pooten and Family and all the Officers of the ICBE, Igorot-UK, Ifugao Organization-UK especially Mam Fely, Mam Hermie, Sir and Mam Sagauinit, Mam Agnes and all Igorots who had been patiently assisting us before, during and after the conference. May the Lord God bless you all.


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