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1.   Fellow Cordilleran Participants (Igorot Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Philippines, London, etc.)

A.   Commonality:

Because of being Igorots, the atmosphere from the first day to the last day was educational and challenging yet enlightening. Educational because technical concerns/issues like the paper of Dr. Caridad Fiar-od was presented with the hope of having it be positively critiqued. Challenging and enlightening because from the keynoter’s speech, every Cordilleran present realized his/her identity and thereby encouraged to join and be partners of the organization’s vision, mission and objectives.

Yes, the blood of a “true Igorot” ran in each participant’s vein that made everybody accepted and found himself an active participant.

B.   Humility as key factor to one’s success.

True enough as shown in the life of Madam Conchita Pooten who warmly welcomed us in her residence. It was from her very words that she reached the peak of success because of her being an Igorot. A blessing that should be shared just as expressed by what her family did for us.

C.   Passing on Igorot Values to the Next Generations

It was everyone’s dream of keeping the good values of being true Igorots, thus coming up with journals or documents could help. A legacy journals or documents could help. A legacy of the present generation to the future ones.

2.   VENUE: London, U.K.

A.   Surroundings:

Being kind to nature is a lasting means of attaining progress and development. The serenity, peace, stable economy, freedom from calamity are all attributed to the country’s preservation of nature. The problem of pollution, landslide, flood, fire, unemployment and the like are all boiling down to their closeness/preservation of nature. This is depicted by the many historic places kept that stood the test of time and serving as income source of the place and tourist destiny.

B.   People:

Discipline is withheld by everyone as seen by the less presence of military/police men.

C.   Agricultural Area:

A vast of land is really utilized unlike in most Asian countries like ours (Philippines) whereby a small piece of land is just used. Perhaps because of the principle “the richness of the earth is just there” when cultivated is enough for all.

3.   Philippine Delegates

A.   Realization:

Personally going out makes one realize he is nobody regardless of his status in his country/work place. People in London are those that do not hunger for rank, what matters is doing simply the best. Fellow participants are well-to-do Cordillerans yet so humble and true people.

Challenging, because the group was one in all. They ate together, encouraged one another. There was always challenge of always trust or have faith as a big lesson.

B.   Fellow Ifugaos in London, U.K.

As Ifugaos, they carried with them the unique family value of housing and keeping us all okay. They spent too our tour to historical places.

4.   Impact to me as a person and my work

With the experiences, it encourages me more to be strong and firm in making decisions for the welfare of my fellowmen. God Bless.


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