Impressions by Cristabel “Dono” Bounggick

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Over and over again, the 6th ICBE in London was a success. I gained new concepts and enriched my knowledge focused not only on the theme "Living our Igorot Values", but also on trends common to cause presented in different strategies, which boasted my self-confidence. The consultation was unique, exciting and interesting with living testimony from the Philippine delegates, IFSU in relation to our values as a motivation to everyone, particularly the youth, encouraging them the importance of education as cited by our down-to-earth guest speaker, Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon. He further defined simply and vividly the meaning of Igorot, which was productive because after his enlightening speech, some of his province mates commented, "Igorot kami met gayam, since we also come from the mountain."

Although we were few in number coming from Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and U.K., the consultation was conducted smoothly having Conchita Pooten, the prime organizer and all around staffing there and here. I felt that the participants’ relationship with each other were bound tightly as everyone's potential was maximized attesting that "it’s the quality that matters." With the presence of Dr. Caridad B. Fiar-od, the duration of the event seems to be short but fruitful and I feel contented as she shared her expertise. She was the life of the program. I appreciate the hospitality of the Igorot-U.K. president, Robert Balagtey, timid but man of action supported by his family and the other officers and members. It was touching to see Ingerith with husband, Albert, carrying with them their two children hauling the participants. The tour was well organized. The Gala Night was amusing and professionally presented with performances distributed among various groups of the Cordillera and coupled by the Philippines delegates part of "Gotad ad London." The post-evaluation conducted orally contributed to the uniqueness of the event since everyone shared their views, acknowledgment and so on.

The consultation for me is memorable with few reasons mentioned earlier. Personally, it was a reunion of some relatives based in London and with Ruth Olat Capegsan and Andrea Baoangan Mangusan from the Philippines.

My fellow ICBEeans, please join me in singing twice loudly and meaningfully, the song we sang together.


Timpuyog iti Europa

ICBE ti nagan na

Ay ay Alilay, Alilay


Ni Yvonne idaulona

Ragsak, Urnos ken Talna

Ay ay Alilay, Alilay.


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