Impressions by Azriel Lucas Bounggick Cafirma

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My name is Azriel Lucas Bounggick Cafirma, I am nine years old. My Lolo and Lola gave me an Igorot name, Olat. My younger brother Diego Auriel's Igorot name is Layugan. He is five years old.

Because I am an Igorot (my classmates cannot join), my brother and I had a chance to see London for the first time, which I am learning in History in my school. We were excited and brought with us our costumes and flew with Lola Marjorie, Lola Bibian, Lola Dono and Lolo Patrick.

I met many new friends like Roisin, her Igorot name is Banakan, Ashleen, Clayton and brother with some relatives. I hope they liked the song "Edelweiss," we sang for them.

I liked the way they played the gongs and I will ask Lolo Patrick to show me how to play them as well with my brother, only the gong is very heavy. It was a very nice visit, the food was yummy and we

has lots of fun. The children had a great time playing with each other.

I hope that I, Diego, my younger sister will grow fast and can join the next Igorot conference in Barcelona, Spain and see more pretty sights and meet them all again. I wish that it will fall again on holidays so I will not be absent from my class.

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