Impressions by Alfonso Gumangan Ifugao State University

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Having attended the 6th ICBE International Conference in London made me very much fulfilled. There, I met friendly and generous people coming from the different countries like Germany, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. I enjoyed almost all parts of the conference. I was also enlightened during the power point presentation of the different BIMAAK ethnic group costumes for what it symbolizes and the interpretations of the different colors. My mind unfolded also when we went to the portion of workshop when we were tasked to teach and demonstrate correctly our Ifugao dances to those interested young participants. I felt fulfilled when I look at them dancing sexily with the correct timing going with the beating of the gongs during the later parts of the night. But the most part of the conference where I felt very impressed was during the Gala night when every participant actively presented their unique way of ethnic dancing. Of course, I don’t forget the good and informative speeches that some of our colleagues had delivered regarding the theme of the conference and the camaraderie that we’ve gained. For all these things and more, why shouldn’t I be proud to say Mabuhay ICBE Conference and looking forward to be one of the groups in the near future. Most of all, the unforgettable episode for the duration of the conference was how we were entertained, helped and cared for by fellow Cordillerans based in London.

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