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by Yvonne K. Belen

On behalf of ICBE, I would like to thank one and all.  

Cordillera Community in Belgium (Cordi-Bel) hosted the Preparatory Meeting on 19-20 October 2009 at Ric and Alice Cuyob’s residence. Present were Rhino Oblas, Mechteld (Mecki) Oblas, Jane Klee Morgens (Germany), Yvonne Belen (The Netherlands) Alice Cuyob, Monica Pumihic, Peter Agnaonao, Susan Kilakil and Ric Cuyob (Cordi Bel).

Cordi-Bel took charge of the name tags (Ric Cuyob); brought snacks for Monday morning, 13 April; brought their gongs, and helped with the program.

Thanks to the participants from Belgium: Ric Cuyob, Alice P. Cuyob, Marivonne P. Cuyob, Peter Agnaonao, Susan Kilakil, Cristobal Agnaonao, Amy Balbawang, Cristopher Condon Ibarra, Xavier Lindelauf and Fely Banggalit-Lindelauf with children---Kathleen, Kimberly and Matthew.

Rhino Oblas is one of the four contact persons. He helped with the accommodation, transportation, program, sightseeing tour, photocopying and decoration.

Mecki Oblas and children, Philip and Cynthia, helped Rhino in whatever way they can. Mecki helped with the   accommodation and transportation, and during the sightseeing tour. Rhino’s family hosted yours truly when she went to Germany to see the conference venue.

Jane Klee Morgens is also one of the four contact persons. She helped with the accommodation, transportation, program, conference kit, and decoration. As a member of KAWAYAN, she facilitated their organization’s contribution of EUR 500.00 to the 5th ICBE Consultation.


Norma Bayoya-Wellhausen is the third of the four contact persons. She helped with the accommodation, program, decoration, photocopying, and was a mainstay during the Gala Night. She contacted Igorots in Bonn and invited them to attend. She also invited the performers from Bonn, who rendered a presentation during the Gala Night; she was in charge of the Fashion Show.

Igorots in Bonn for contributing some food for the Gala Night.  

Mario Guinyawan is the fourth of the contact persons. He helped with the program and transportation. Their family hosted Dr. Serafin Ngohayon when he arrived in Frankfurt and departed from the city. Mario and Elizabeth (Beth) Guinyawan were in charge of contacting Igorots in the Frankfurt area.

Igorot Frankfurt, care of Mario and Beth Guinyawan,  donated food for the Gala Night.  

Thanks to the participants from Germany: Judith Nadnaden Bagtang Bayer; Jane Klee Morgens; Norma Bayoya Wellhausen, Josephine Grosskurth with daughter, Yvette Grosskurth; Mario and Elizabeth Guinyawan with daughters---Maribeth, Martina and Marion; Herminia Emmong Lacbawan; Rhino Oblas and Mechtild Oblas with children, Philip and Cynthia; Felipa Sebiano Lueck; Luz Sabali Mawick and Matthias Josef Mawick with children Maria Yvonne and Benedikt; Maritess Tallayo Rottemann; Carmen Stiller; Josef Fridolin Weber and Eleonor Sabali Weber with son, Jonathan; Annie Tellias Winter and Cynthia Quitoriano.

Igorot Austria, through Cristabel and Patrick Bounggick, helped with the program and during the Gala Night. They brought their gongs on special request of Henry Foken of BIBAK Switzerland.

Cristabel brought along her cousin from Texas---Cristina Olat-Damey, who came with her husband, Andres Paay-an Damey. Other participants from Igorot Austria are Susan Nana Atakora and Marjorie Abeya Soaygan, who is attending for the first time. Youth representatives, Rachel Sulne and Valerie Lee, who were sponsored by current officers, actively participated.

BIBAK Ireland provided the liturgy care of The Rev. Katherine Poulton. It is also our first time to see James Leroy Quintin, with family members, Rona and Roisin, attend an ICBE conference outside Ireland.

Thanks to the participants from Ireland: Cao Zhi and Julia Wagsi Aronchay with child Yxian Cao; Ronaliza Laron and James Leroy Quintin with daughter, Roisin.  

Igorots in Holland for their technical and moral support. Chuntug Taguba hosted yours truly in November 2007 at his residence in Amsterdam since I had to leave early for Germany. Luti Belen Hartong-Taguba, Chico B. Taguba and Consie Lozano gave suggestions for the program; Cesar Taguba provided moral support. 

Thanks to the participants from The Netherlands: Cesar Tomilas Taguba, Chuntug Taguba, Chico Taguba, Consie Taguba-Lozano; Luti B. Hartong-Taguba with children, Vincent and Laisa; and Yvonne Belen.

Igorots in Sweden, Michelle Budaden and son, Kim attended. Michelle brought along Eva Dostani and daughter, Daniella. We appreciate their presence.

BIBAK Switzerland, with Rick Kilongan and Frederick Baldo, brought their guitar and took care of the intermission (singing.)  Angie Wunderle and husband, Fredy, stayed for a few days.  

Thanks to the participants from Switzerland: Henry Foken, Frederick Aben Baldo, Rick Basali Kilongan, Nora Luminang Schopfer, Fredy Armari Wunderle and Angelita Raymundo Wunderle.

Our gratitude to the Igorot UK with the London group---Conchita Balagtey-Pooten, Dominga Copa-Webber and Rosemarie Familan Giddy; and Bristol group---Kathleen Backeng Tadawan, Elizabeth Buking Ut-utan, Marilyn Guinaran and her daughters---Kimberly and Carolyn, and Rebecca Tellias. 

Thanks to the participant from the USA: Andres Paay-an Damey and Cristina Olat-Damey; Dr. Albert Bacdayan and Carolyn Bacdayan.

Claus Nabert gave a three-hour seminar-workshop on “Photographic Principles that lead to Super Pictures.”

Dr. Caridad B. Fiar-od delivered the keynote address “Cordillera Rituals: Their Features and Significance,” and provided provincial (Mountain Province) and IGO updates. We are grateful not only for her ideas on ICBE’s research, but also for being the mainstay of the researches. The outputs have been   published in the ICBE magazine, “Cordillera Rituals as a Way of Life.”

Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon, President of the Ifugao College of Agriculture and Forestry (ISCAF) for his presentation, “The Bulul in the Social Life of the Ifugao People.” It’s the first time we have a speaker from Ifugao. Thank you also for giving the reaction H.E. Ambassador Delia Domingo-Albert’s speech.

Rose Nabert for being one of the EMCEEs during the Gala Night.

H.E. Delia Domingo-Albert, Philippine Ambassador to Germany, our guest speaker tonight, is unable to attend. However, she sent her speech, “German Scientific Work in the Cordilleras - a Continuing Challenge.”

Mecki Oblas for reading Ambassador Albert’s speech. 

Dr. Albert Bacdayan gave the closing chant. This is the second ICBE conference, which he and Carolyn attended.

Cultural performers during the Gala Night.

The Rev. Cesar T. Taguba took care of the liturgy.

Financial contribution of the different organizations.

Personnel of Haus Sonnenau, care of Sr. Thereslitha, for the sumptuous and delicious food, and for attending to the participants’ needs.

Maureen B. Loste for having the streamer made in Baguio City.

To the second- and third-generation---Igorot Austria (Zenaida Lee and Rachel Sulne; Cordi-Bel (Cristobal Agnaonao and Marivonne Cuyob); Germany (Maribeth Guinyawan, Martina Guinyawan, Marion Guinyawan, Philip Oblas, Cynthia Oblas,  Yvette Grosskurth, Maria Yvonne Mawick, Benedikt Mawick;  Jonathan Weber; BIBAK Ireland (Roisin L. Quintin); The Netherlands (Luti B. Hartong-Taguba, Chuntug Taguba, Chico B. Taguba, Consie Taguba-Lozano, Vincent Hartong, Laisa Hartong); Sweden (Kim Budaden and Daniella Dostani); and the United Kingdom (Kimberly Guinaran and Carolyn Guinaran) for their valued and active participation.  

To contributors of the ICBE magazine---Dr. Caridad B. Fiar-od, Pamela B. Fiar-od; Ms. Philian Louise Weygan-Allan; Dr. Maria Luz D. Fang-asan, Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon, Mrs. Emily Alberto, Dr. Anastacia Lannaon and Dr. Nancy Ann Gonzales. Without your researches, the ICBE magazine, “Cordillera Rituals as a Way of Life” would not have been published.

Finally, to all conference participants and to those who came tonight, thank you. The 5th ICBE Consultation is a success because of your presence.


Updated version of “Acknowledgments” read during the Gala Night, 5th ICBE Consultation, 12 April 2009, Vallendar, Germany.



23 June 2013

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