Impressions by Ricardo Cuyob, Cordi-Bel

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   Ric Cuyob
The Participants: What impressed me in the 5th ICBE consultation is the appearance of many new faces from all age levels, from very young ones to the elderly, who are very cooperative and enthusiastic. Besides, this is of course the “retrouvailles” of familiar faces though some were not there. I noticed that newcomers outnumbered those who regularly participate in this consultation and even if I will include those who attended once or twice, I would say that the number of newcomers are far superior. The attendance too of the second and “third generation” is very impressive though they may be half-Igorots. Nevertheless, they must have felt their being Igorots. I hope this consultation has stirred an interest to continue attaching themselves to their roots.

The Venue: I found the venue perfectly suited to the kind of consultation we have. It has cost us a little bit more but it‟s worth it because we did the noisiest thing we could without worrying about neighbors around the vicinity complaining. Some of our children including us adults also enjoyed walking in the premises in the early morning and during the short break times.

The Consultation: The contents are good combinations. There is a little bit of theory, practice and a tour to get an idea about the area. Besides, what we see or observe during this visit is certainly enrichment on our part when speaking of knowing other peoples‟ culture. I have the impression that some of the scheduled program of the consultation seem to have been “bitin,” (hunging) mainly due to lack of time, but that feeling of “bitin” should serve as the driving force to look forward to the next

ICBE  consultation  in 2011.

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