Impressions by Julia Aronchay (BIBAK Ireland)

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I am indeed very thankful that we attended the ICBE Consultation. I haven‟t been to one, aside from the Gala Night of the 4th ICBE Consultation held in 2007 in Ireland. I didn‟t realize I could gain so much. When the rest of BIBAK Ireland changed their minds in attending this affair, I decided not to join as well but just use this opportunity to travel to Germany. But the desire to meet other kailians around the globe surfaced, such that even if we were not yet satisfied with our tour in Germany, we headed to Vallendar. Should we not have done that, I know I will be sorry. There may be another ICBE Consultation, but each one is unique. Faces may be the same but the wrinkles, frowns and smiles drawn on them will definitely be different. The friends we've gained and the things we learned will always fill part of our treasures in life. Matago tago Cordillera!!!

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