Impressions by Jane Klee-Morgens (Germany)

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The 5th ICBE Consultation has successfully served its purpose to the satisfaction of the participants and more to the benefit and pleasure of Igorots in Germany. The success was not a coincidence but was earned by all involved. Participants, guests and resource persons, members of the preparatory committee, and contact persons contributed their best and complemented each other‟s task during the consultation. The venue provided us the possibility to practice our socio-cultural and spiritual rituals, without restrictions.

We Igorots (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation; full or partially-blooded Igorot - iAplay, Ibaloy, Isneg, Kalanguya or Ifugao) in Europe, Canada, USA and the Philippines came to know each other better and learn more from one another. We found out that Cordillera people vary in their rituals however, all are directed to the welfare of life, land and nature. We were flexible and oriented with great respect to life, land and nature; we are culturally rich. We also proved that we Igorots are fast learners.

Non-Igorots came to learn about us and with respect, observed that the Igorots are Filipinos in heart and mind - warm-hearted, hardworking, simple and trustworthy.

The ICBE consultation was an alternative to a vacation or holiday and was an opportunity to quench our homesickness. It gave us moral support to understand our Igorot identity. This consultation challenged us Igorots, especially in Germany. It inspired us to think of forming an Igorot group.


Long live ICBE!


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