Impressions by Dominga Webber (Igorot UK)

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First of all, we wish to thank you and the rest of the team who made the ICBE Consultation in Vallendar a success. The fruit of your labor was reflected on how well the participants enjoyed themselves. I'm certain everyone has a lovely story to tell about the whole affair starting from the organizing committee to the site of venue and all the activities.

For me, I think the choice of venue was perfect. The place is beautiful and very clean. The gourmet was appetizing and plentiful. I think the staff who catered to our needs at Vallendar deserve a big applause for their effort to make us feel welcome and make sure our bellies were full.

The side trip to the Lorelei and the boat ride along the River Rhine was a nice surprise. Having seen the vast grape plantation along the river, I now understand why lots of British people frequently visit the place just to have a sip of that free wine tasting of the famous wine produced in the Rhine. The good weather complimented the merriment of the group during that day and a special thanks to Mecky (Mrs. Oblas) for her commentary and her rendition of the Loreley song.

On the plenary session the following day: the presentation by Prof. Caridad Fiar-od (guest speaker) of the research on rituals and traditions of the different Cordillera provinces broadened my knowledge and understanding of why and how rituals are performed, particularly the Bulul of the Ifugao which was highlighted by one of our guest speakers, Prof. Serafin Ngohayon.

Once again the ICBE consultation has brought us together as one big happy family, forging new friendship and renewing acquaintances, and integrating with other cultures and most of all, making us proud and be more united as Igorots. Mabuhay Igorots.

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