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Yvonne Belen, Myra Colis, Kristine Itait Kawi Gorans, Evangeline Martinez, Christina Moncado, Grace Nabus, Averil Pooten-Watan, Lydia Soliba


During the coronavirus pandemic, we Igorot Cordillerans in Europe, thought of putting together verses on and to COVID-19.   

How did we experience the COVID-19 pandemic? What did we do during the early days when the lockdown was announced? How did we feel? What measures did our governments advise us to prevent the virus from spreading during the first and the second wave? 

So, we began with some verses and requested others to add.  Below is what we came us with.  


Oh! Pandemic!

Into our lives you came,

Our plans became anemic,

We’ll never be the same. 

To Paris was planned last summer,

From Baguio City they would come,

My sister and her daughter,

A month would quickly be gone. 

Alas! There is a lockdown, 

They say no one could travel,

Their faces with a frown, 

The flight they have to cancel. 

At home we did our bit,

We cooked and ate, cooked and ate,

Some clothes no longer fit,

And we have added weight. 

Yvonne Belen (The Netherlands)


You began with: . . Oh Pandemic, ever since you came into our lives, our Plans became anemic, . . . . Our Work became unstable, Friends became unreachable . . . (Others can add to finish one Stanza.) 

Our work became unstable,

We miss our daily chore,

Our friends become unreachable,

Though we wished to have more.

Lydia Soliba (Germany) 


I have added a few lines to the developing poem “To COVID 19” to reflect my nursing work. 

I’m sad to see the suffering, 

The uncertainty abounds,

I go and help the needy, 

but have to hide behind-

PPE, a must! But would it be enough?

Evangeline Martinez (United Kingdom)


Just sent the fourth stanza, I hope it rhymes....stay safe, everyone.

Down the lane in Amsterdam,

I saw someone kneeling,

His lips are quivering,

As he whispers,

As if in praying,

Asking God for the swiftest cure,

To end this pandemonium.

I have sullen eyes with sunken cheeks,

Caused by stress and restlessness,

Covid 19, I am wondering,

When will you be leaving,

So we will stop worrying,

And have that sweet smile back again.

Christina Moncado (The Netherlands)


Here is the 5th and 6th, from the UK care home perspective ;) ps it doesn’t rhyme, lol!

Despite the bleak numbers, of rising deaths in care homes, maintaining a positive outlook helped residents and staff morale remain strong.

Finding different ways to stay positive: singing, cooking, online art and choir, plus switching off the news worked best. 

But in the end, it is our resilience that shone through — to rise up to the challenge ahead.

Averil Pooten-Watan (United Kingdom) 


A short one stanza from me:

I can’t wait to be reunited

even if we must quarantine.

What matters is that we’re bonded,

and keeping well ‘til there’s a vaccine.

Kristine Itait Kawi Gorans (United Kingdom/France)


Please check my addition below, with my nurse cap on and admiring the heroic acts of many colleagues 

The fear for their lives consumed some,

And shielding they have done.

Others focused on their faces and hands,

Mindful where hands go, 

not on the face, not on other’s hands.

Whilst some may understandably cower,

I have also seen people rise to empower.

Heroic acts withstanding,

This humanity the virus cannot ruin.

Grace Nabus (United Kingdom)


Love this idea of COVID-19 poem! Thanks so much for starting the thread of stanzas. Enjoyed reading everyone's addition, and hereby inspired to add a few...

COVID-19, what have you done?

Are you trying to conquer us all?

The whole world is in fear and danger

Wish we knew you’re coming

But alas you’re more than a thief in the night

Roaming without a sign, without a warning.

You may have shattered many plans,

Imprisoned us in our own homes, 

Taken away many lives and livelihoods

But we are also more than conquerors, you know

By God's grace we shall triumph 

Over you and all kinds of you!

Myra Colis (The Netherlands) 


17 November 2020

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