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The Igorot UK is an organisation originally formed by 22 members in September 1995 after the old BIBAK UK was dissolved. Its objective is to preserve and promote the Igorot cultural identity in the United Kingdom. Throughout the years, the Igorot UK provided our need for cultural fix away from home and it has instilled a sense of pride in being an Igorot whilst bringing the Igorot dances, songs, chants, art and culture to a wider audience here in the UK.

Currently, the Igorot UK is the ‘mother organisation’ and has four (4 ) subgroups representing the different provinces of the Cordillera Region: the Mountain Province Federation UK (MP Fed UK); the Ifugao Organisation UK (IOUK); the Benguet Organisation UK (BOUK) and the United Kalinga Apayao Network  (UKAN) UK. In addition, the Igorot UK has sister organisations namely Timpuyog ti Tirad Pass and Sagunto UK. Together, all 6 organisations contribute actively to the success of the Igorot UK activities.

Each subgroup, although sharing similar Igorot culture, have different identities and specific characteristics, dances, chants, music and even different weave pattern to their cloth. These differences, however subtle give great pride to the different tribes. Hence, each subgroup also celebrate their own specific festivals. The Benguet Org UK will celebrate their 8th ADIVAY London in November 2015. MP Fed UK will hold its beautiful LANG-AY ad UK on the 25th of July 2015. UKAN impressed with their ULLALIM Festival and a general public clamour for a second one will push through this 4th of July 2015. On the 20th of June 2015, we saw the unveiling of the heart warming 2nd GOTAD ad UK by the Ifugao Org UK in Camden London, attended by Ifugao Board Member Emmo Bimohya and Department of Social Work and Development (DSWD) officer Fely Hampuy.

A busy schedule fill up the Igorot UK calendar with its regular activities and events, and this year, the IGOROT UK celebrates its 20th Foundation Anniversary and its 10th Grand Cañao in September 2015.  The 20 gongs anniversary celebrations commenced on the 24th of May 2015 with the annual Sportsfest, and apart from the subgroup’s specific festivals, the celebrations will continue with the IGOROT UK participation to the Asia Summer Festival on the 25th and 26th of July in Hounslow, London. Another regular event is Folk Night, a night of folk and country music by our Igorot band called Mountain Music Band, with the 8th August 2015 reserved for Folknight 3. The IGOROT UK also participates in various Barrio Fiestas and other events of the different Filipino Groups in the UK.  This year, the IGOROT UK is also invited to provide the entertainment during the Annual Us conference of the Anglican Diocese in Hertfordshire UK. Busy indeed, but it makes us closer to our goal of promoting the Igorot Culture and identity.

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