Greetings from Igorot Austria - Cordillera

Written by Leonida Ostermayer-Lunag on .

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Warmest greetings to my fellow Cordillerans. It is with great enthusiasm and happiness that I greet each of you in the name of the Igorot Austria-Cordillera.

Once again, I would like to applaud the BIBAK Barcelona, organizers, committees and participants of the 7th ICBE for the memorable and exciting gathering/consultation.

As a first timer attendee, I felt no inhibition associating with everyone thus the Igorot community never ceases to unite together wherever they are which was experienced in Barcelona. Anyhow, to pursue nurturing our vision and mission; we are pleased to welcome you all to the 8th ICBE here in Vienna in 2015. 

 We are quite grateful for your support and generous involvement to our "Grand Cañao" held last May 18. Your souvenir program copies are on the way while others will reach you the soonest once we have your addresses. Likewise, our appreciation to Yvonne K. Belen for her assistance in providing us the messages and article, Frederick Baldo, Ric Kilongan of Switzerland and Pastor Virginia Magalgalit of Rome for their presence sharing their expertise in promoting our rich heritage. Thank you too to all concerned who in one way or the other contributed to the event's success. To augment our occassion, you may visit our website !

God Bless the Cordillera People wherever they are...


Leonida Ostermayer-Lunag


Igorot Austria-Cordillera


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